How we Hunt

Helihunt operates from late May thru to late November. After your Chopper flight to our hunting area's we arrive overhead and start spotting mobs of pigs. You each have a GPS/Radio (Garmin Rino 650) we supply that you mark the positions of the the mobs spotted in close proximity.The chopper then drops you off in a downwind position, then moves to a safe location at which time you commence the hunt. Using the Rino you are able to track to where you spotted the mobs. The Rino gives you the ability to not only find the pigs but also communicate with your hunting buddy by voice or text...as well as showing their position in real time on the moving map screen. The Chopper also has a Rino and can monitor your position and communicate with you if required.

If you opt for the extra chopper time your pilot will muster pigs out of the swamps and run them towards you for a very exciting experience.

When you have run out of targets you call the Helicopter back in and your off to spot your next mobs...then do it all again. We usually average around 50 pigs a day.

Enquiries email info@helihunt.com.au